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Focus on: Concrete Cooling

Concrete cooling with liquid nitrogen using Air Liquide’s injection lance technology 

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Air Liquide's concrete cooling technology, CryoCrete™, is the ideal solution for handling the most demanding cooling requirements and pour temperature specifications for your concrete during extremely hot weather conditions. Mass pour jobs in need of concrete cooling, such as caps and columns, bridge decks and power plants have all been poured using CryoCrete.

Watch a video presentation on CryoCrete™, Air Liquide's concrete cooling technology.

Benefits of using CryoCrete for your concrete cooling

  • Liquid nitrogen cooling has shown to have no adverse impact on slump, air content, set time or density
  • Flexible and accurate temperature adjustment with greater and more rapid cooling compared to ice or chilled water
  • No more ice or chilled water handling
  • As a means of cooling concrete during hot weather conditions, nothing matches liquid nitrogen in delivering more uniform and often more cost-effective results

Cooling concrete analysis

Air Liquide Scope of Supply

  • Install concrete cooling, CryoCrete nitrogen injection technology 
  • Install liquid nitrogen tank and pressure control equipment
  • Operational check of liquid nitrogen injection unit
  • Train customer personnel in the proper operation of the equipment

Customer Scope of Supply

  • Install concrete foundation for liquid nitrogen tank and CryoCrete injector (drawings supplied by Air Liquide)
  • Provide electrical connections (120 VAC, single phase-20-AMP-60Hz)
  • Obtain permits and licenses pertinent to the installation
  • Provide any other utilities as specified by Air Liquide

Concrete cooling at San Francisco Bay Bridge

Air Liquide was involved at the very foundation of building the largest and most visible public works project that Northern California has seen in decades—the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. With Air Liquide CryoCrete™ liquid nitrogen, the bridge’s foundation of steel and reinforced concrete was chilled to the optimum temperature for pouring.

Concrete cooling by Air Liquide on San Francisco Bay Bridge

The 40-hour pour utilized some 550 loads of concrete and 60,000 gallons of liquid nitrogen, which was injected into individual concrete loads at an Air Liquide injection staging area under the Bay Bridge in the middle of San Francisco Bay. This process assured that each shipment of concrete would be individually checked to affirm that it was delivered at the optimum pouring temperature to meet construction standards of the successful project.


Download a brochure on Air Liquide's concrete cooling technology.

White paper: Precooling Mass Concrete with Liquid Nitrogen

To learn more about Cryocrete, read the white paper published in Concrete International magazine in July 2012.

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