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American Air Liquide

Air Liquide Group's U.S. operation is American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc.

Facts about American Air Liquide

American Air Liquide offers industrial gases and related services to a variety of customers including those in large industry, industrial manufacturing, electronics and healthcare marketplaces.

■ More than 5,000 U.S. employees
■ More than 200 U.S. locations, including more than 140 industrial gas plants
■ 2,000+ miles of pipeline 
■ Americas headquarters in Houston, Texas


Meeting the needs of diverse markets

■ Large Industries – Tonnage and Pipeline Distribution: Air Liquide Large Industries U.S. LP is the subsidiary of American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc. responsible for serving large industry in the U.S.

Air Liquide Large Industries U.S. LP offers gas and energy solutions to large industry to improve their process efficiency and help them with their environmental responsibilities. In the U.S., this business serves the refining, natural gas, chemical and metals industries. It operates an extensive pipeline system along the Gulf Coast and the Mississippi River as well as providing its customers with on-site gas production units.

Industrial Merchant – Bulk Distribution: Air Liquide Industrial U.S. LP is the subsidiary of American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc. responsible for providing bulk gases and related services to a very diverse base of customers in the U.S. including those in the automotive, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and metals industries.

■ Packaged and Specialty Gases – Direct Distribution and Distributor Network: Air Liquide America Specialty Gases LLC is the subsidiary of American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc. responsible for its packaged and specialty gas and ALNET distributor businesses in the U.S.

Air Liquide offers pure gases and specialty gas mixtures to a wide array of industries, in a variety of packages including cylinders, bulk containers and generators. Major applications for these gases are in the analytical and laboratory markets and include qualitative and quantitative analysis, on-line process analysis and control, pollution and emissions monitoring, secondary electronics applications and as raw material for chemical reaction/catalysis. Key specialty gas products include pure, calibration, high-purity chemical, rare and electronic grade gases as well as related high-purity equipment. www.alspecialtygases.com/

Air Liquide America’s ALNET distribution network improves the ordering, production and delivery of gases to customers in various markets by partnering with select companies across the nation while providing distributors with access to bulk liquids, high-tech services and differentiated products that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

■ Electronics & Analytical Services: Air Liquide Electronics U.S. LP is the subsidiary of American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc. responsible for serving the semiconductor industry in the U.S. It does so by providing ultra pure gases, liquids and advanced molecules used in the fabrication of silicon chips as well as providing specialized equipment and related gas and chemical management services. Through its subsidiary, Balazs, Air Liquide Electronics also provides state-of-the-art analytical and laboratory services.

■ Healthcare: Air Liquide Healthcare America Corporation is the subsidiary of American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc. responsible for providing medical and therapeutic gases as well as related equipment and distribution equipment to hospital and healthcare institutions in the U.S.  www.us.airliquidehealthcare.com

■ Engineering & Construction: Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions, a subsidiary of Air Liquide, is a world leader in engineering and construction. Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions provides the design, engineering and construction of leading-edge processing facilities and related infrastructures. Air Liquide Global E&C innovates constantly to enhance its portfolio of proprietary technologies in order to meet and exceed the needs of customers by supplying safe, reliable and competitive solutions.

■ Advanced Technologies U.S. LLC (ALATUS):  A subsidiary of American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc. that is composed of the following U.S.-based businesses: MEDAL (www.medal.airliquide.com), a developer and manufacturer of advanced gas separation membrane technologies; CALGAZ (www.calgaz.com), a leading provider of calibration gas mixtures and related equipment; and, American Combustion, Inc. (www.americancombustion.com), the leader in advanced oxy-combustion technologies for the steel, non-ferrous metal and glass industries. In addition to these markets, ALATUS also serves customers in the fields of cryogenics, gas solutions, and ‘waste to biogas’ energy.

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American Air Liquide
2700 Post Oak Boulevard
Suite 1800
Houston, TX 77056

For general information about American Air Liquide, contact our corporate office by phone at  (877) 855-9533, or see more information on Contact us.

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